Current Display – Roberta Masciarelli “Repurpose…Reimagine!”

Roberta Masciarelli is a Brazilian born visual artist based in Dallas, Texas, USA. Being in the visual arena all her life, she kept changing her artistic expression throughout time. While her career started as an illustrator in Sao Paulo, Brazil after she graduated with a degree in Architecture, she then moved into the areas of graphic design and web design. And she loved her profession. But the winds changed as they do, and her true calling arrived. The computer was put aside — a decision which she doesn’t regret. Roberta then started to paint, experimented with mixed media until she found her true love which is building pieces, creating sculptures with found objects. Her art is based on what she believes: recycling, repurposing, thinking about the planet and most importantly, the environmental pollution which we are all faced with. Her background from her formal training in Architecture also had a significant influence – thinking and planning ahead before building. Although she loves the 20th century influential masters, her style was loosely influenced by the Brutalism movement. This movement had a short presence in Architecture in the 50’s-70’s which made the structure and infrastructure of a

building visible for the user: electric wires, conduits, plumbing and other details were apparent, making all of this a part of the visual result. Much like Roberta’s pieces: hardware, metal plates, screws are visible, not hidden. They make a statement about the message she wants to convey. Having been a fulltime artist for about 10 years, she has participated in art events within the US in Dallas, Washington DC, Santa Fe, Sedona and New York. Internationally, she has exhibited in collective shows in England, Holland, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, New Zealand, Bosnia, Japan, Italy and India.

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