WC’s Refugee Initiative “meets, greets, and completes” the cultural acclimation refugees rely on to become contributing members of our society.  Combining our own volunteers with those of neighboring faith communities, we mentor arriving families; tutor students; enhance adults’ language skills; assist with resumes and job interviews; help with securing drivers’ licenses and finding doctors; and host programs for American and refugee youth to share their life experiences, insights, and dreams.  Our outreach has a place for every talent, age, and time constraint.


Ann Davis (Refugee Initiative Director), or
Dorothea Christ (Evangelism & Involvement Ministry)

Please check us out at refugetexas.org.

Refugee Outreach: English Language Learning (ELL) Class

Volunteers Needed!

ELL students celebrating the donation of a sewing machine and a new job.

ELL is an off-campus program meeting near public transportation lines in Keller ISD.

Join us on Saturday mornings from 10 a.m.-noon to help refugees acclimate to American language and culture. We offer six levels of classes. Whether you want to be a Teacher, Asst. Teacher, Reader, Excursion Planner or Greeter, there is a place for you on Saturdays as we reach out to help others experience Christ’s love as they build a better life!

Questions? Contact Laura Bussell

English Language Learning (ELL) Workshop – Rawlins Hall

Want to show empathy for “strangers in a strange land”? Would you like to teach English to adult refugees but don’t know how? Come to our English Language Learning (ELL) workshop on Sunday, August 4 from 2-3:30 p.m. in Rawlins Hall for an active training event using our Ventures curriculum. We are looking for new volunteers as we continue our classes on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon as we prepare for a new semester in September. With enthusiastic volunteers, we plan to offer citizenship classes as well. ELL is a part of the White’s Chapel Refugee Initiative. For more information, contact Laura Bussell.

We’d love for you to volunteer to welcome, reach a hand out, mentor, or teach English to these people who have endured unknown hardships and are trying to make better lives, to be good citizens, and to live independent lives. They are simply people in need.


Refugee Outreach: Meet, Greet, and Complete – More Room for Volunteers!

When refugees arrive at DFW airport, they often enter with the barest of belongings and little knowledge about the place they’re about to call home. Can you drive a family to an apartment prepared by our team or provide a welcome meal? We deliver Christian warmth and know-how, along with other 21st century essentials. We call it “Meet, Greet & Complete” – and we’d love for you to climb on board!

Questions? Contact Holly Walsh

Check out all our exciting projects and fill out the Volunteer Opportunity Form.

Refugee Outreach: Youth in Action

50 Southlake teens join 50 refugee teens in Art as Conversation.

All ages are welcome! Youth can earn Community Service Hours, while learning about and reaching out to – people who have triumphed over astonishing hardships.

Teenagers can get involved by offering guidance and sharing life experiences and dreams with refugee youth during our Worldwide Youth-to-Youth programs.

  • Adults are invited to act as hosts and mentors to our student leaders.
  • Teens volunteering with the ELL program enter as assistant teachers, presenters, reading partners, conversationalists, and special event planners.
  • Student-Adult teams tutor a wide-range of subjects, including math, science, English, computers, college apps, job interviews, and more.
  • Teens facilitate group discussions in youth-to-youth gatherings.
  • Participate in our upcoming “Radical Empathy” event. (Check back for more information.)

Check out all our exciting projects and fill out the Volunteer Opportunity Form.

Conversation as Art

Saturday, January 25 – 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

In August 2019, White Chapel’s Refugee Initiative will begin preparations for “Conversation as Art,” a youth event returning to Southlake by popular demand. Scheduled for January 25, 2020, “Conversation” is a model program that facilitates globally-informed conversations distinguished by focused listening, heightened awareness of biases, and exploration of language that builds trust, empathy, and impactful relationships. On January 25, 50 teenagers designated as legal refugees by the U.S. State Department will join 50 American high school students in a skill-building presentation followed by small group discussions centering on topics of global importance. Students aged 15 through 18 are urged to register now to participate in either preparatory efforts, or the January 25, 2020 forum. Hours will qualify for community service credit. Interested adults are welcome as volunteers before and during the event.


Refugee Outreach: Other Volunteer Opportunities

WC members and refugees explore the Kimbell.

Check out our volunteer form for a place on the genius bar, tutoring teams, or special projects platform – and more!  If you want to do something we haven’t thought of, we’ve left you room to let us know.  Give us a chance to champion Christ through YOU!